Fast & Effective Disinfecting

The EVO Fogg creates a micro droplet spray that
is non-saturating and evaporates in minutes

Heavy Duty & Hard Working

The EVO Fogg has industrial strength capabilities to quickly disinfect large spaces from floor to ceiling

Easy No Touch Application

The EVO Fogg will save you time and ensure that no surface is overlooked

Versatile & Easy to Use

The EVO Fogg is portable and great for disinfecting hard to reach spaces

Disinfect & Re-use the space in minutes

The EVO Fogg is perfect for Hotels and Holiday Rentals with minimal downtime

Super Effective for High Touch Areas

Disinfect all surfaces and items quickly


What is Cold Fogging?

Fogging is the process of applying a disinfecting agent using a fogging machine. A cold fogger generates a fog or mist of Ultra Low Volume (ULV) droplets.

These micro droplets are non-saturating and leave surfaces almost dry to the touch, before completely evaporating in minutes. 

The cold fogger is electrically powered and uses fast moving air rather than heat to vaporise the disinfectant, making it safe to use in all spaces.

Fogging is a non-touch application as there is no need to touch or wipe down surfaces either during or after application. This also reduces the risk of cross-contamination across surfaces. 

Why Fog

What are the benefits of Cold Fogging?

Fogging is the quickest and easiest way to disinfect spaces with minimal disruption and is proven to be highly effective in killing germs.

Fogging machines are designed to save time and labour while using less disinfectant making them extremely cost effective.

Fogging is particularly effective at disinfecting hard to reach and out of sight areas that are often missed and overlooked by traditional cleaning. Fogging also kills airborne germs in addition to those on surfaces.

Offices, Warehouses & Restaurants
Heavy duty and with industrial strength capabilities to quickly disinfect large spaces, from floor to ceiling, in minutes.
Hotels & Holiday Rentals
Simply disinfect bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and shared spaces with a non-saturating fog. No need to wipe down afterwards and is safe on all surfaces.
Cars, Buses & Delivery Vehicles

Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, quickly fog vehicles to be used again within minutes.

School’s & Day cares
Disinfect classrooms, halls and playgrounds daily including desks, chairs and toys. Faster and more effective than cleaning by hand.